10 of the Craziest Vehicles Owned by Celebrities

10 of the Craziest Vehicles Owned by Celebrities

Celebrities can be seen driving some of the craziest vehicles ever made. The vehicles owned by celebrities come equipped with premium amenities and exceptional performance capabilities. These vehicles are luxurious and modified by celebrities according to their taste.

As a car enthusiast, you are always interested in finding the vehicles of your favourite celebrities. The vehicles driven by celebrities are expensive and demands attention from the onlookers, thanks to their aggressive designs. On the other hand, some celebrities drive vehicles that are modified and have everything different from conventional vehicles.

Here is a list of some of the unique vehicles owned by celebrities all around the world.

Floyd Mayweather’s Matte-White Bugatti

Floyd Mayweather is a renowned former professional boxer winning fifteen major championships in his career. The famous boxer has a unique car collection and is often seen driving crazy vehicles. The Matte-White Bugatti Veyron owned by the celebrity is among the most tastefully remodelled vehicles. The premium coupe has been completely redesigned to look eye-catching from every angle. The exterior of the vehicle has been painted in matte white with dark red that makes it look elegant. The rims of the coupe are white with red brake callipers that enhance its stunning profile. The rear diffuser and side sills of the vehicle are customized with dark-red carbon fibre. On the inside, the coupe has all red and white dash, leather seats, and steering wheel.

Floyd Mayweather s Matte-White Bugatti
Image Courtesy: robbreport.com

will.i.am’s Dick Tracy Tribute Car

William James Adams Jr. or famously known as will.i.am is an American singer, entrepreneur, rapper, and actor. He is the founder and lead member of the popular musical group Black Eyed Peas. The celebrity owns the famous Dick Tracy tribute car and has it completely transformed with a whopping $900,000. The vehicle has a unique flair of its own and is not a replica. The vehicle has been appreciated by people, regardless of its odd exterior design. It has large alloy wheels that accentuate its athletic profile.  

will.i.am s Dick Tracy Tribute Car
Image Courtesy: vwgolf.net.au

Shaquille O’Neal’s Impala SS

Shaquille O’Neal or commonly known as Shaq is one of the greatest American Basketball players of all time. The celebrity has a remarkable car collection and one of these vehicles is the 1964 Chevy Impala Super Sport. Shaq has modified this vehicle with clean customs. The exterior of the vehicle has a cherry-red paint that augments its aggressive profile. The red rims of the vehicle enhance its elegant yet athletic profile. The sound system of Shaq’s Impala features a Superman logo that gives it a unique look.

Shaquille O Neal s Impala SS
Image Courtesy: drivetribe.com

Fluffy’s Ford Flex

Gabriel Iglesias or famous as Fluffy is a popular comedian. The celebrity is known for his vintage car collection but owns the modern-day Ford Flex. The vehicle is a luxury SUV that the celebrity has modified as per his taste. The vehicle looks aggressive from every angle, thanks to its dynamic exterior design. The front fascia of the vehicle is dominated by a Fluffy badge grille that demands a second look from the onlookers. The interior of the vehicle is black with Fluffy emblems on the upholstery. The celebrity has upgraded the engine and rims of the vehicle for enhanced performance.  

Fluffy s Ford Flex
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Justin Bieber’s Ferrari

Justin Bieber is a popular Canadian singer who is always in the media attention for his work. The celebrity has an amazing car collection including Ferrari 458 Italia F1. The luxury sports car looks astonishing from the inside out with its eye-catching design and premium cabin. Justin Bieber has remodelled his luxury sports car with a gorgeous neon-blue paint and a wide-body kit. The front bumper of the vehicle has a large air dam to keep the engine cool at higher speeds.

Justin Bieber s Ferrari
Image Courtesy: dailymotion.com

Nicky Diamonds’ El Camino

Nicky Diamond’s El Camino is a classic car modified by the celebrity. The vehicle has a shiny black exterior colour that makes it look eye-catching. The exterior of the vehicle features a diamond-blue racing stripe across the hood that enhance its sporty appeal. The diamond-blue rims of the vehicle match with valve covers and air filter. Nicky Diamond has fitted his El Camino with a brand-new engine for more efficient performance. The interior of the vehicle has embroidered headrests that augment its premium appeal.

Nicky Diamonds' El Camino
Image Courtesy: celebritycarsblog.com

Flo Rida’s Gold Bugatti

Tramar Lacel Dillard or commonly known as Flo Rida is a famous American rapper. The celebrity owns a gold-wrapped Bugatti Veyron that makes it one of the hottest celebrity vehicles on the planet. Flo Rida has wrapped his Bugatti Veyron with gold to make it look astonishing. The rims of the vehicle are 24-karat gold that accentuates its luxury profile. The front fascia of the vehicle is dominated by the iconic Bugatti grille that enhances its aggressive profile.

Flo Rida s Gold Bugatti
Image Courtesy: stuff.co.nz

Austin Mahone’s Rusted BMW

Austin Harris Mahone or famous as Austin Mahone is an American singer and songwriter. The celebrity has a unique car collection including his rusted BMW i8. Austin Mahone has wrapped the exterior of the vehicle with vinyl wrap in rusted colour. The vehicle has tinted-gold rims that accentuate its luxury appeal. The creative exterior of the vehicle makes it one of the craziest vehicles owned by celebrities around the world.

Austin Mahone s Rusted BMW
Image Courtesy: hypebeast.com

Britney Spears’s Faux Louis Vuitton Hummer

Britney Jean Spears is a popular American singer, songwriter, and actress. The celebrity has an amazing car collection and has modified most of the vehicles including her Hummer. The vehicle has a pink exterior that makes it look unique. The customized pink Hummer of Britney has Louis Vuitton emblems in the interior. The vehicle is fitted with large wheels that enhance its adventure-ready appeal.

Britney Spears s Faux Louis Vuitton Hummer
Image Courtesy: drivetribe.com

Kobe Bryant’s Lakers Lowrider

Kobe Bean Bryant or commonly known as Kobe Bryant was an American professional basketball player. The legendary sportsman was famous for his car collection until his tragic death in 2020. Kobe Bryant’s Lakers Lowrider is a classic Pontiac gifted to him by the famous Snoop Dogg. The exterior of the vehicle has signature Lakers colours that make it look iconic. The Lowrider has an astonishing wheel design that augments its unique profile.

Kobe Bryant's Lakers Lowrider
Image Courtesy: thenewswheel.com

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Key Takeaways!

The vehicles owned by celebrities come equipped with premium enmities, advanced technologies, and exceptional performance capabilities that attract car enthusiasts. Some of these vehicles are modified by celebrities themselves for a unique presence on the road. These above-mentioned vehicles owned by celebrities are customized vehicles that make them stand out in the segment.

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