10 Unique Cars That Were Owned by Celebrities

10 Unique Cars That Were Owned by Celebrities

Celebrities all around the globe are known for their lavish lifestyle that includes extravagant vehicles that are purchased at hefty prices. Many own limited-edition vehicles from luxury car brands and some have vintage vehicles. The premium vehicles not only look lavish they are also equipped with cutting-edge technologies and in-cabin amenities that add to the leisure and comfort of the occupants.

Let us have a look at some unique celebrity vehicles that reigned during the ‘60s and ‘70s and later sold at auction for sky-rocketing prices.

Nicest Celebrity Cars- Rolls-Royce Phantom V Owned by John Lennon

In 1964, the Beatles singer-songwriter John Lennon purchased the Rolls-Royce Phantom V which turned heads. Not only did it reflect Lennon’s wealth, but it also became a renowned symbol of ‘Summer of Love’. One of the reasons that it stood out was the fact that Lennon customized the outlook of the vehicle. The queer look inspired many replicas and remained the talk of the town. Painted in vivid colors, Lennon’s Rolls Royce had a queer design with zodiac signs and psychedelic swirls. Lennon went all out with the vehicle and converted the rear seats into a double bed, installed a telephone, refrigerator, TV, and a floating record player along with a custom sound system. The legendary vehicle was sold off in an auction at Sotheby’s in 1985.

1.	John Lennon’s Psychedelic Rolls-Royce Phantom V
Image Courtesy: forbes.com

Porsche 917 Owned by Steve McQueen

The list of unique celebrity cars would be incomplete without adding renowned actor and car enthusiast Steve McQueen 1970 Porsche 917. His career included movies based on thrilling car chases including the feature film Le Mans. Based on racing, it is considered a cinematic marvel with the Porsche as the hero that takes home the trophy. McQueen’s 1970 Porsche 917 was a fabulous-looking race car that never raced yet when it was auctioned in 2017 it fetched an incredible price of 14 million dollars.

2.	Steve McQueen’s Porsche 917
Image Courtesy: roadandtrack.com

2002 Corvette Owned by Paul Newman

The actor turned racer Paul Newman found his calling while filming the 1969 classic Winning which was based on racing. The actor started to pursue racing professionally after wrapping the shoot of Winning and he followed this passion until he passed away. Newman raced for Riley & Scott Cars designs and the team modified his 2002 Corvette that was later auctioned at a significant amount.

3.	Paul Newman’s 2002 Corvette
Image Courtesy: motorauthority.com

1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Cal-Spyder Owned by James Coburn

The famous ’60s and ‘70s star James Coburn formed his love for cars as his father owned a garage. Coburn was the proud owner of the limited edition 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Cal-Spyder as only 56 units were produced. The glossy red convertible was sold off at an auction for an amount that is considered the highest that has ever been paid for a car. The vehicle was sold at a whopping $10.9 million in 2008.

4.	James Coburn’s 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Cal-Spyder
Image Courtesy: moneyinc.com

1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Owned by David Hasselhoff

The 1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was among prime-time TV show Knight Industries Two Thousand that was modified with fancy gadgets including jet propulsion, flamethrower, bulletproof outer shell, and an artificial intelligence control system. David Hasselhoff, the star of the show was gifted one of the cars from the show in 2012. The vehicle has now been auctioned for charity by Hasselhoff in the United Kingdom.

5.	David Hasselhoff’s 1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
Image Courtesy: cnbc.com

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Owned by Clark Gable

Clark Gable starred in more than 60 films and spent his wealth on his love for cars with standout models like the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. The all-time classic had an aura of sophistication with an elongated bonnet and spherical headlamps. The 1955 vintage vehicle was sold at an auction by Gable in 2015.

6.	Clark Gable’s 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing
Image Courtesy: bornrich.com

1955 Ferrari 857 Sport Owned by Andy Warhol

Another classy sports car on the list was owned by the movie star and musician Andy Warhol. The pop artist managed to stay in news owing to his interest in fashion and visual arts, and he brought a pop of color and glamour to celebrity cars with his 1955 Ferrari 857 Sport. The ravishing red sports car was later sold off at an auction by the celebrity.

7.	Andy Warhol’s 1955 Ferrari 857 Sport
Image Courtesy: thespeedjournal.com

1955 Lincoln Futura Batmobile

While celebrity-owned vehicles are worth a mention, some vehicles that were featured in famous movies also became the focal point of discussion among car enthusiasts. One such car that is worth mentioning is Bruce Wayne’s 1955 Lincoln Futura Batmobile. Car designer George Barris converted six Lincoln Futuras into the iconic Batmobiles for the TV show. The glossy black silhouette of the vehicle is certainly a head-turner.

8.	Batman’s 1955 Lincoln Futura Batmobile
Image Courtesy: pinterest.com

1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti Spyder Driven by Fred Astaire

Driven by the Hollywood star Fred Astaire in the feature film ‘On the Beach’, the 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti Spyder won multiple races on the track as well. The vehicle model was limited edition with only 40 units produced.

9.	Fred Astaire’s 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti Spyder
Image Courtesy: askemen.com

1969 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Owned by Elvis Presley

Concluding the list with the King of Rock n Roll Elvis Presley who owned and sold a cluster of cars, (that amounted to 200), during his lifetime. Many of these vehicles were driven by Presley himself but some were chauffeur-driven including this magnificent 1969 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman limousine. With the silver-painted exterior and a black leather interior, the vehicle was equipped with a 6.3-liter M100 V-8 paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. The limo was used by Presley throughout the 1970s and later auctioned at skyrocketing pricing owing to its connection with the star.

10.	Elvis’s 1969 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman
Image Courtesy: pinterest.com


These historic celebrity-owned vehicles made waves while they were owned by the original owner and later fetched incredible prices at auctions. With the amalgamation of luxury and sports cars, these vehicles exude luxury, style, and the eccentric lifestyle of the rich and famous.

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