7 Celebrity Cars that have Unusual Modifications

Celebrity Cars

Celebrities are usually fond of cars, and they keep an elaborate collection with them. Some celebrities invest in the latest models of luxury and sports cars, whereas some like collectible such as classics and vintage models. Regardless, celebrities love adding a personal touch to their vehicles to make them stand out and add more comfort to their journey. Most celebrities try to make their vehicles more flashy or technologically advanced. Therefore, celebrity cars are no stranger to car modification and customizations.

However, not all car modifications are good or elevate the level of the vehicle in any way. Here are 7 celebrity cars that have the most unusual car modifications that could have been avoided.

LeBron James’ Lamborghini Aventador

Sportsmen are no stranger to fast cars as they have multi-million dollars deals with their team and various brands as well. The NBA player currently endorses brands such as Nike and can easily afford expensive cars. However, the brand gifted a $393,700 Lamborghini Aventador to the basketball player. The vehicle was gifted to celebrate the floral shoe collection which was an addition to Lebron James’ sneaker collection.

LeBron James Lamborghini Aventador
Image Courtesy: Republicworld.com

The sports car is wrapped in a floral design to match the shoe collection which is a modification to the original design. The floral wrapping may seem on brand, but it is a bad modification that ruined the extravagance of the Lamborghini Aventador. It would have been best that the modification was avoided at all costs.

Hulk Hogan’s Dodge Viper

Another celebrity from the sports arena is the renowned wrestler Hulk Hogan who has a modified Dodge Viper. The wrestler, actor, and entrepreneur owns a 1991 Dodge Viper that he modified with bright red and yellow thick stripes and a massive sticker on the hood with the word Hulkster. The modified design makes a statement, but the paint is not classy at all. Regardless, the vehicle was sold at an auction and the money was donated to a charity in 2019. The infamous car managed to contribute towards a good cause.

Hulk Hogan Dodge Viper
Image Courtesy: comicbook.com

Nicki Minaj’s Lamborghini Aventador

Another celebrity who has made rather unnecessary modifications to her Lamborghini Aventador is the singer/rapper, Nicki Minaj. The famous singer has associated the color pink with her first album and many other things after that. So, it is no surprise that she converted her Lamborghini to bright pink. The vehicle was originally blue. Not only is the exterior pink, but the interior is also pink. The color completely diminishes the strong and aggressive appeal of this classy sports car.

Nicki Minaj - Lamborghini Aventador
Image Courtesy: pinterest.com

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador

Not only is Lamborghini Aventador famous among celebrities, but it is also unfortunately subjected to unnecessary modifications by them. The third celebrity on the list to have Lamborghini Aventador is American singer Chris Brown. Interestingly, Brown is known for his collection of horribly modified vehicles. With his Lamborghini Aventador, Brown decided to give it a camouflage body paint in red, white, and grey. The vehicle was painted this way to match his Nike shoe collection, but it is yet another bad idea. Chris Brown also has a graffiti painted Porsche Panamera, and a blue, yellow, and white Lamborghini Gallardo.

Zach Randolph’s Donk Fleet

Zach Randolph Donk Fleet
Image Courtesy: Rides-mag.com

The former basketball player has been part of the game for 17 seasons and has invested his fortune in vehicles especially classics. However, the NBA player has spent a lot to convert these into Donks including his Chevy Impala. The player has introduced modifications such as a brown leather interior, 26-inch wheels, and a 26-inch LCD screen on the console. The modifications take away the charm of the classic itself.

Justin Bieber’s Modified Audi R8

Image Courtesy: autoevoluation.com

The Canadian singer found fame at an early age, and he has also invested his money in vehicles. The singer owns an extensive car collection that includes a Cadillac CTS-V that has been modified to look like a Batmobile. Beiber also owns Ferraris and an Audi A8 that he has modified. However, the modification does not sit well as the body has been wrapped in a leopard design which is completely off-brand for an Audi.

Jake Paul’s Modified Ford Focus

The internet celebrity Jake Paul also has invested his earnings towards expensive vehicles such as a blue Lamborghini Huracán Performante. The YouTube star has put his Disney earnings into a modified Ford Focus that has a rainbow camouflage pattern making it look extremely tacky. The car has been nicknamed by Paul as Rainbro and it is sporting a combination of vibrant colors.

Image Courtesy: Hotcars.com


The above-mentioned seven modified cars are owned by celebrities that fail to leave a mark. Most modifications have been done to the exterior ruining the original design of these extravagant-looking cars. Car modifications can be great to add a personal statement but these modifications were a bad idea undermining the appeal of the vehicles.

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