Fascinating Car Collection of Ryan Reynolds

Fascinating Car Collection

Famous personalities have the money and passion of collecting vehicles that are packed with luxurious amenities and cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, it is not surprising to see celebrities purchasing a wide range of vehicles that include sports, luxury and vintage cars. In addition, when people have extra money, they like to spend it on their favorite hobbies, expensive vehicles and classy things. Similarly, famous Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds is famous for owning several vehicles and bikes in his car collection. He spends a lot on fascinating cars, and it is not…

Affordable Celebrity Cars that you Can Purchase

Affordable Celebrity Cars

Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyle and expensive car collections. However, there are many famous personalities that do live a minimalist life and do not feel like impressing anyone. Some of these celebrities prefers driving affordable cars that have impressive features and excellent performance capabilities. From Toyota Prius to Audi Q7, to Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, these nicest celebrity cars are turning everyone’s heads. Here are some of the best affordable celebrity cars that car enthusiasts should consider buying. 2021 Toyota Prius One of the affordable vehicles that is popular among…

5 Favorite SUVs Owned by Celebrities

5 Favorite SUVs Owned by Celebrities

Famous celebrities love to own vehicles that have luxurious and personalized touch. With all the right amount of money in hand, celebrities are often seen to have collection of most-sought after vehicles in the world. However, it is common to look at celebrities driving in Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens but many also prefer huge and advanced vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. These advanced vehicles are packed with outstanding performance capabilities and cutting-edge technologies to make journeys smooth and comfortable. Let us find here the top high-end and popular vehicles…

Celebrity Cars: Kylie Jenner gets a Mercedes-Maybach in Gift

Celebrity Cars: Kylie Jenner gets a Mercedes-Maybach in Gift

Celebrity cars always catch the limelight and so did the new celebrity car Mercedes Maybach which Kylie Jenner, the famous reality TV star and model received as her pre-birthday gift from her boyfriend Tyga.  Mostly the rich people including celebrities are always fond of expensive cars and keep their eye on latest luxury car models.  The trend of giving each other these expensive cars in gifts is also common among celebrities. This is not the first car that she will own from now on; there are many other expensive cars…

Mercedes-Benz S Class – The Other Name of Luxury

With stunning looks and breath taking design, Mercedes- Benz S-Class represents iconic model of luxury cars. The eye catchy beautiful looks and astonishing features of S-class would take your attention straight way to review the car in detail. Mercedes- Benz S-Class delivers sporty performance and excellent handling for its drivers. Basically, S-Class is offered in diesel and hybrid versions as S550 and S600. These cars have 18-inch alloy wheels and other optional features choice. But what make it so special? Let’s have a review about impressive features of this series.