Celebrity Car Collections – Cars Owned By Dr. Dre

Celebrity Car Collections - Cars Owned By Dr. Dre

The celebrity car collections are exquisite and amazing, that’s why car enthusiasts love to explore them. The iconic celebrity cars amaze the car lovers with their spectacular looks and drive. Usually, the celebrities and their cars consist of expensive sedans, coupes and SUVs. Many celebrities like super cars, some purchase off-roaders and few celebrities buy cars that a common man can afford.

Talking about Dr. Dre, he is a popular rapper, song writer and entrepreneur. His real name is Andre Romelle Young and Dr. Dre is his stage name. Dr. Dre is a billionaire and he endorses many beverage brands. He lives a lavish life and spends his money on expensive cars.

Here we will talk about few expensive vehicles that are parked in Dr. Dre’s garage.

Celebrity Car Collections – Hummer H2

While exploring famous people cars, you will commonly find a Hummer vehicle. Likewise, Dr. Dre owns a Hummer H2 that has a military vehicle design. Basically, H2 is a full-size SUV made by AM General. This vehicle is liked due to its tough body structure and dynamic off-road capabilities. Hummer H2 is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine that delivers 393 horsepower and 562 Nm torque. The transmission is 6-speed automatic mated to 4-wheel drive. You will find this luxury SUV in many celebrity car collections. Its high-tech features and refined interior make it attractive for celebrities.

Celebrity Car Collections - Hummer H2

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Chrysler 300 – A Premium Sedan

Chrysler 300 is a premium large sedan with all-wheel drive function. The new Chrysler 300 gets a bold design and it is offered in many models. Dr. Dre keeps a Chrysler 300 in his car collection. Chrysler 300 is the best combination of style, class and luxury. It is powered by a 3.6-liter, V6 engine mated to real wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission. Chrysler 300 gets a good rating for its fuel economical ride. It produces 292 horsepower, 353 Nm torque and 31 mpg for a highway drive. The attractive design, luxury features and inspiring performance make Chrysler 300 a favorite car for celebrities.

Chrysler 300 – A Premium Sedan

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT is a luxury coupe car that has elegant exterior and Dr. Dre owns a Bentley Continental GT. This car delivers strong performance and its luxury cabin provides a relaxed journey. It is equipped with a 4-liter, V8 engine mated to all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission. Bentley Continental GT generates 500 horsepower and 660 Nm torque. The exclusivity and unique design make Bentley Continental GT an excellent choice for celebrity car buyers.

Bentley Continental GT

These cars show that celebrity car collections are marvelous and represent their class. In order to buy celebrity cars, you can search for celebrity auto sales and celebrity cars for sale. You will find a variety of luxury and high-performance celebrity cars in the UAE.

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