Celebrity Cars: Kylie Jenner gets a Mercedes-Maybach in Gift

Celebrity Cars: Kylie Jenner gets a Mercedes-Maybach in Gift

Celebrity cars always catch the limelight and so did the new celebrity car Mercedes Maybach which Kylie Jenner, the famous reality TV star and model received as her pre-birthday gift from her boyfriend Tyga.  Mostly the rich people including celebrities are always fond of expensive cars and keep their eye on latest luxury car models.  The trend of giving each other these expensive cars in gifts is also common among celebrities. This is not the first car that she will own from now on; there are many other expensive cars which she owns thanks to her fame that she has got in short time.

What’s Special about the Amazing Celebrity Car Gift

Kylie Jenner celebrated her birthday on August 10th but Tyga presented her Mercedes-Maybach many days before as advance birthday gift. She posted video of this car on Snapchat that features spacious interior and promises luxurious ride. The exterior body structure of the car is made up of high strength material that provides ultimate safety with intelligent drivability. There are many other amazing features in this car which make it an iconic car model.

Mercedes-Maybach Interior

Celebrity Cars Collection by Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been caught many times on social media with different cars and that shows how crazy she is about cars. Earlier, Kylie Jenner also posted pictures of her luxury SUV Land Rover. This SUV has elegantly crafted design and features a sophisticated interior. With offering of wide sitting space, it is capable of delivering outclass performance with luxurious travel experience.

Other than that, her other luxurious car collections include Mercedes-Benz Wagon and Rolls Royce Ghost while on her 18th birthday; Tyga gifted her Ferrari 482 Italia having worth of $320,000. These luxurious cars also have been bought by other celebrities and rich people of the world. The main purpose of having such cars is quite simple that is to boost social status of celebrities and impress fans. These cars are quite expensive and a common man can only dream to have one. But celebrities with years of fame and after earning hefty amounts of money easily afford these celebrity cars and the rarity of these special cars is what builds all the hype against them.

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