Celebrity Luxury Cars – Nicko McBrain and his ‘Greatest Hits’ Jaguar XJ6

Celebrity Luxury Cars - Nicko McBrain and his ‘Greatest Hits’ Jaguar XJ6

Celebrity luxury cars have a lot of vehicles that are either modified or restored by automotive specialists. The Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain has recently a custom-built Jaguar XJ6 while the Jaguar XJ is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018. This Jaguar was made by the expert engineers and showcased at the Geneva International Motor Show is a classic Jaguar and is named as the “Greatest Hits”. This is a 1984 XJ6 Series 3 gifted to the Iron Maiden drummer Nicko who is popularly known as a Jaguar enthusiast. The director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works and Jaguar Design studio, Wayne Burgess in collaboration with Nicko McBrain worked his magic on this classic Jaguar and brought it back to life when the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Jaguar XJ.

Being a famous drummer and hard-core fan of Jaguar XJ Nicko McBrain and this is the third Jaguar which he owns now that was launched at the Jaguar press conference at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. What makes this classic Jaguar as the “Greatest Hits” is not just one thing but many. It is a result of approximately 3,500 man hours of work and 4,000 parts replaced, refinished or redesigned to make this project a dream come true. It was received in a very bad condition to the Nicko and thus the engineers and project director Burgees decided to turn this into a restore and modified vehicle considering the amount of effort needed to make it relive. From some major work on the drivetrain, suspension, and interior and exterior, the all-new Greatest Hits Jaguar XJ is what Nicko expected it to be in the end. He named it “Johnny 3” as this is his third Jaguar in his collections.

The Sycamore wood trim resembles McBrain’s snare drums making it more inspired by his choices in previous cars and the personal touches added more charm to this car. While the knobs of this Jaguar are inspired by the Jim Marshal amplifiers, who was a close friend of McBrain, who was famous for his sound of rock.

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Performance of the Jaguar XJ6

The ultimate XJ6 named as “Johnny 3” is revamped to be great again and powerful too. With some extensive work and labor, the original but reconditioned parts form the XJ6 was also added. The original fuel injection system engine is replaced by Twin SU carburetors taken from a Jaguar E-Type. The 4.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine is what Nicko loves and added it in this resto-mod as well. Furthermore, the exhaust system is revamped to be more workable and compliment the performance of the engine. The machined quad-exhaust tail-pipes are specially designed for this resto-mod to enhance the performance.

Performance of the Jaguar XJ6

Exterior of the Celebrity Luxury Cars’ Jaguar XJ6

The XJ6 was originally pulled from the tree and was not in a great condition, however, the gearbox and engine block were almost salvaged but the maestro Burgess did his best to make this vehicle live once more.

With some modernized looks and 18-inch custom-made wheels, plenty of red leather in the interior and a completely new infotainment system with all modern technologies and power packed 1100-watt sound system has given a new life to this classic car.

Exterior of the Celebrity Luxury Cars’ Jaguar XJ6

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As mentioned earlier, this classic Jaguar is made to meet the modern needs and convenience by all the modifications done in purpose. The plenty of red leather is the hand trimmed Pinto Red leather used for upholstery of the seats with black piping and embossed headrests. Further, the Alcantara headlining to finish off the trim and the black hand-crafted carpet to add more luxury to the interior is added in this classic celebrity luxury cars latest rest-mod. The dashboard has some of the most exquisite pieces joint together to make it look more appealing including the Dark Grey stained Sycamore veneers which are a material that even Nicko prefer for his snare drums. Many of the smallest parts even are included that are inspired by the Iron Maiden drummer’s personal choices.

Interior of Nicko McBrain's Jaguar XJ6

Machined aluminum rotary controls on the dashboard are a further work of art by the creator, which are actually inspired by Jim Marshal’s guitar amplifier control knobs. This is not it, there is a lot more which has made this classic luxury celebrity cars’ XJ6 something worthwhile for the car enthusiasts. Have you ever heard of drum kit inspired pedals for cars? Probably not but the Nicko has included the drum kit pedals finished in chrome and black are adding more luxury to the overall interior of this resto-mod.

Interior of Nicko McBrain's Jaguar XJ6

There is a lot more, the three-spoke sports steering wheel features the Nicko’s unique mascot which is the ‘Eddie Growler’, it is also seen of his 2013 Jaguar XKR-S. Nicko has incorporated all the best-in-class and most unique elements making this resto-mod something to cherish always by the rock music and luxury celebrity cars enthusiasts. The bespoke soft down lighting around the dashboard illuminates it while the Alpine touch screen provides control over the 1100-watt sound system too. The Jaguar audio installed in his 12MY Jaguar XF are preferred by him for this resto-mod as well.


The maestro who modified this classic car said that he has a wish to own this ultimate Jaguar XJ6 but unfortunately he cannot afford it. This resto-mod has been in the limelight and made from a huge amount of money. It took 3,500 man hours to make this resto-mod work and look impressive again. It is said that a ‘rock star money’ could only do this all but this is what makes a celebrity luxury car an exclusive item as well.

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