Top 5 Most Affordable Famous People Cars

Top 5 Famous People Car

Usually, a common man thinks that famous people cars are expensive and luxurious. In reality, it is not always the case because there are many celebrities who have such cars that even a common man can afford. It is important to understand that all affordable cars do not lack the style and class and that all such cars don’t need to be low on their technical specs. It is just that mostly these cars are relatively less sold in the market and often look to catch the attention of the buyers by buying less costly than other cars with more or less same features.

Let’s take a look of those cheap cars that have been added by celebrities in their vehicles list.

Mini Cooper

Britney Spears is a renowned singer and artist of United States. She is also a brand ambassador of many top class brands. She owns millions of wealth, an expensive house and does tours to famous places. She is also fond of cars and owns many luxury cars. She also has a Mini Cooper Convertible built by the popular car brand BMW. This car comes at a very affordable price whether you buy a new mini cooper or a used one.

Britney Spears owns a Mini Cooper

Toyota Prius is One of Famous People Cars

Leonardo DiCaprio mostly known as the hero of blockbuster film “Titanic” has purchased Toyota Prius to show his concern about environment. Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio is also an environmentalist and the celebrity has made a foundation with his name to activate different projects for environment protection and public awareness. Toyota Prius is although a good enough luxury car but cost-wise it is a quite cheap celebrity car.

Toyota Prius is One of Famous People Cars

Ford Bronco

The Irish actor Colin Farrell has made his place in Hollywood movies with his powerful acting and looks. He has driven almost all kind of vehicles is his movies but in practical, he owns a simple SUV-Ford Bronco. The Bronco 1992-96, fifth generation model is famous for its reliability and V6 and 8 engine variants. It seems that the actor chose the vehicle for its strong looks and powerful drive.

Ford Bronco

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

LeBron James is a professional basket ball player of USA. He has won several awards for his excellent performance throughout the career. He is also known as America’s most influential athlete. James owns many luxury famous cars but the one which is different from the rest is Jeep Wrangler.

It is an affordable car but still it best matched with his athletic and sporty lifestyle.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Fiat Punto

Daniel Radcliffe, famous as Harry Potter is one of the celebrities who got fame and wealth at a very young age. When it comes to famous cars, instead of buying some expensive and luxurious car, he preferred a simple Fiat Punto. It seems the actor wanted to show himself environmentally conscious, that is what the Fiat Punto is capable of, emitting less smoke and pollution. That’s why he added Fiat Punto in his vehicles list which has now become one of the famous people cars.

Fiat Punto a celebrity car

Affordable Celebrity Cars are the Ultimate Treat for Fans

Those who aspire to be celebrities themselves in the near or distant future or those who look to match the style of their favorite celebrities tend to copy certain accessories and other things that the celebrities have or do. The affordable famous people cars are a treat for the fans as it gives them a chance to have a taste of the lifestyle of their beloved celebrities by driving a car similar to theirs.

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