Privacy policy

We are here to bring into consideration all those cars that celebrities love. In our details reviews you fill find all the reasons that urge celebrities to own a particular car. Here you will find almost all celebrities with their current cars. Not only that but we also try to cover all possible information regarding cars collection of all renowned celebs.  With all the information we don’t forget the privacy of our users and follow standard privacy rules and keep your personal data under wraps.

Our Privacy policy

We understand the importance to maintain your privacy and keep in mind your security while providing any services. We value our customers and are committed to protect and safeguard your privacy.

Information that you provide:

Information provided by you stays secure with our high quality privacy standards. We keep all your data in confidentiality and strictly avoid sharing of it for any purpose. Your name, contact and email is what we get from your side and it is kept with us without any manipulation. We know the security threats of data these days and to combat that we keep updating our privacy standards. We don’t fill your inbox with emails and don’t send unwanted text messages carrying news updates on your phone without your will.

Information Received by Us by Google Analytics:

We receive all your demographic information by the use of Google Analytics tool. We make the entire process very simple and use this valuable information anonymously for research and comparison purposes. You can always opt-out of this option by adjusts your ads settings. Our intent with the gathering of this information is to enhance the search behavior for our users.