Mercedes-Benz S Class – The Other Name of Luxury

With stunning looks and breath taking design, Mercedes- Benz S-Class represents iconic model of luxury cars. The eye catchy beautiful looks and astonishing features of S-class would take your attention straight way to review the car in detail. Mercedes- Benz S-Class delivers sporty performance and excellent handling for its drivers. Basically, S-Class is offered in diesel and hybrid versions as S550 and S600. These cars have 18-inch alloy wheels and other optional features choice. But what make it so special? Let’s have a review about impressive features of this series.

Mercedes- Benz S-Class Engine and Other performance features:

Usually, Mercedes- Benz S-Class has varieties of engines in its various cars including the conventional V6 engine, V8 turbo petrol and hybrids in both four-cylinder diesel and V6 petrol engine. Its V8 active suspension allows smooth drive on bumpy roads and it also has binocular vision function to add to the capabilities of this car. Head lights and rear lamps comprise of LED lights. It is available in various models producing different torque, acceleration and horsepower. Similarly, prices vary depending upon type of model you select under S- class. Aluminum is used in most of the body parts to keep the cars light weight and all of the cars have their own genuine trim.

Safety Features:

Mercedes- Benz promotes the vision of intelligent drive in its S-Class vehicles by adopting advance safety standards to keep the drive safe. Security and optional system provides alert to the drive before dangerous situations and assist in bringing brakes into action to avoid a possible collision.

Interior Excellence of the S Class Cars:

s class 2

Being the most luxurious cars, the S Class cars have the most exquisite settings for their interior. High Class leather, wood garnishments and metal touches providing classic design and comfortable feels are the hallmarks of the interior superiority of the S Class cars.  The LWB version consist of more luxurious features such as massage, cooling/heat cup holders, vent and recline whereas leg room is very vast and it has also pillow head rest for relaxation. It has high 12. 3- Inch dual resolution screens displaying entertainment, navigation, driving and vehicle settings. Further, the rear seats of these cars also enjoy lavish settings with proper entertainment options available along with the feature of warmth comfort.

Entertainment and Digital Features of the S Class Cars:

S-Class provides best infotainment system, apps for internet browsing, and high definition audio sound with High-End 3D system and mobile/laptop connectivity options. One security feature allows owner to lock, unlock and detect the vehicle by using smart phone. Other optional features include:

  • Burmester AM/FM/CD/SiriusXM stereo system
  • Driver assistance package
  • Panorama sunroof
  • Navigation system
  • Rearview camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full LED exterior and interior lighting
  • A power rear window sunshade
  • Rear refrigerator box
  • Adaptive high beam assist

It has also night view assist plus to enhance night vision.  Mercedes has certainly made its S Class very special by putting all the best features and facilities in it.

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