Elizabeth brought a box of donuts to share. There are​ two-dozen (24) donuts in the​ box, all identical in​ size, shape, and color. Two are​ jelly-filled, 5 are​ lemon-filled, and 17 are​ custard-filled. You randomly select one​ donut, eat​ it, and select another donut. Find the probability of selecting a jelly​-filled donut followed by a custard​-filled donut.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The probability is 6.16%.Step-by-step explanation:Total number of donuts = 24Number of jelly filled donuts = 2Number of lemon filled donuts = 5Number of custard filled donuts = 17The probability of selecting a jelly​-filled donut = [tex]\frac{2}{24}[/tex] = 0.0833And probability followed by custard​-filled donut = [tex]\frac{17}{23}[/tex] = 0.7391 (23 because you ate 1 donut already)Hence, the required probability is :[tex]0.0833\times0.7391=0.0615[/tex] or 6.156% ≈ 6.16%