The bill is $330. We want to split it but a friend gave us $50 for it. Therefore we each owe $140 after the $50. Since I have the $50 in my possession I wok give him $165 since were splitting the $50. Correct?

Accepted Solution

I don't think that's correctStep-by-step explanation:Why are you splitting the $50? you'd end up paying more than the bill and he'd be getting back more money than he put in. Sounds like a rip off. If he had given you each $50 than maybe you'd each owe $140. I assume there is 3 friends, the original bill price would have been $110 for each of you. But then one friend gave $50 to help pay the bill, if you had split the $50 you'd still not be paying back that much. Also why are YOU paying so much more? Everyone else is paying $140 and you're paying $165? You would not be giving him that much, all of you would not be paying an extra $30 either. you'd be splitting it to where it equals $50 all around, so instead it'd be around $93.00. Not $140 or $165. $16.7 multipled by 3 = $50.1But at the end of the day, just tell him to take his money back. He really didn't help pay the bill that much with his $50, he still owes you $60 if he too had participated in whatever you guys were doing. So instead of going through the trouble, just tell him to take back his money.